“Thank you so much for this in-depth summary.  Thank you especially for tracking down the medical staff to get solid answers. “

“At first I was discouraged, but then I thought about how you said to take things in small steps.  We’ve made a start.”

aging advisors

"Thanks...appreciate all you did to guide us and be part of these next steps for Mom and Dad. Your assessment will help us going forward and we truly are thankful for the guidance."

“I get so caught up in trying to “fix” things that I often forget to think about how my parents must be feeling.”

Our Aging Advisors are among the best trained professionals in their field. They have achieved the highest level certification, Advanced Professional, from the nationally recognized Aging Life Care Association.

The aging process is filled with complicated obstacles and often unpredictable consequences that can be at times overwhelming, frustrating and exceptionally expensive. Like an insurance policy protecting against the unknown, "Homecare by Wesley" employs certified "Aging Advisors" who are experts at the aging process from legal implications, physical and mobility abilities, medical histories, daily living activities, transportation, financial and social needs.

You don't have to navigate this complicated process alone. Your Aging Advisor will ask and help you answer the tough questions and many people might not even think to ask. Don't wait for the inevitable question, "Now what?"

This advice is driven by the goal to assist seniors in living a higher quality of enjoyable independent life.

You will receive a "Comprehensive Aging Guide", a detailed personalized report and plan with follow-up visits to ensure your plan is executed properly.

Serving seniors and their families


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